Photo Friday: Fire

Photo Friday: Fire [via]

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Lovely picture! well I think its more like, excellent timing! It definitely gives out an intense emotions of some sort. Great work!

Wow. That’s some really awesome timing. Usually it’s really hard to capture these images. But this is some classic piece of work. Awesome.

Great stuff mate, you get a lot of blokes taking up photography these days, but you really need the skill to pull it off, judging by this, you’ve got some talent!

Great picture. Great timing. Love the shot. I’ve tried to take a picture like that many times. but never been able to do so. Love it.

Now that is artistry! to quote the american idol judge – Keira! lovely stuff! has an amazing effect, Perfect timing man! great stuff!

Nice, very nice. You know you see talent when you see this, good stuff, would love to see more of your work..keep me posted..cheers

Excellent timing, and thats some amazing shutter speed you must have on that camera of yours, turned out really well.. Great stuff man..Cheers..

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