to iptables

Teinpäs pikaisesti skriptin, joka pitää peelot loitolla linuxpurkista käyttämällä tietokantaa häiriöalttiista maista.

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[…] So the real question is how I’m going to get users on my freenet. Maybe the flyer will gather people to my services. I really would like to run a community based freenet pro bono. I’m also going to get the GPS antenna (with rs-232 connector) and install freebsd on my soekris. Then I’m going to offer stratum 1 ntp services via That should generate some packets no doubt. Another thing I’m going to do is to drop packets inbound to my network from certain asian contries. Skithund has the howto on his homepage. The ability to black hole whole countries is pretty nice. A lot of abuse comes from these countries. The possibilities of a wireless freenet are limitless. […]

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