Mertenin musavisa

Vastaillaan Mertenin musavisaan.
Ei ole kuin yksi artisti, jonka kappaleista osaan kokonaisuuden koota.

_1. Are you male or female?_

Mr. Self Destruct

_2. Describe yourself_

Somewhat damaged

_3. How do some people feel about you?_

I do not want this

_4. How do you feel about yourself_


_5. Describe your boy/girlfriend_


_6. Where would you rather be?_

At the heart of it all

_7. Describe what you want to be_

Just like you imagined

_8. Describe how you live_

Terrible lie

_9. Describe how you love_

Something I can never have

_10. Share a few words of wisdom_

Get down make love